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Between Fados and Tombs

and other worldly reports

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Year: 2021
Author: Ricardo Pontes Nunes
Editor Giostri
148 pages

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"[...] I do not believe in the disheartened theosophical maxim that, in essence, in fiction we are incapable of creating new things; as if it were limiting us to a circle of mythologems that would only rearticulate and repeat itself. is given. Demonstrating this is perhaps one of the goals of  Between Fados and Tombs - and other mundane accounts."

Read some excerpts on the slides below

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The China Sea, the straits of the Indian Ocean and, after Africa, the vastness of the Atlantic would make up his pretentious itinerary. All they cared about now was the present, that time of certainty, where their courageous skill as inveterate navigators and the holds full of the fish they would catch would consecrate their fame and fortune [...] drop shape and came sideways towards the beach driven by the waves of the surf. Minutes later it crashed violently into a sandbar 100 meters from where it had previously been stranded for eighteen months.

The Last Ghost Ship, in Between Fados and Tombs

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