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Constança Aguiar : tells the story of a woman who hates the child she had with the man she tried to murder after years of violent coexistence;

The Jaguar : several generations of a family in the interior come to live with the trauma of having one of the last descendants devoured as a baby by a wild beast when he was left on a balcony in a basket while his mother hung clothes on the clothesline;

The Last Ghost Ship : based on facts, tells the haunting story of a simple fisherman when he comes across a strange Chinese ship abandoned on a beach. The poignant account he hears of the few survivors trapped in the massive vessel's hold involves their struggle to return the ship to navigation in a mystical but also blissful aura;

The Sect of Irineu Lopes : set in the beginning of the last century, it describes the involvement of a religious leader with a revolutionary movement until its tragic and lonely end;

Journey : a scholarly settler ends up dropping everything in his life and his work as an astronomer and engineer in the foundation of a land grant after being seduced by the fascination that a tribe of natives awakens in him;

The Railroad : three generations of women from the same family have the thread of their lives marked by tragic sinful and depressing relationships until one of them renounces her surname as a way to break that cycle;

A Uroboros : an enamored couple gradually comes to realize that their love reflects the circular symbol of a snake that devours its tail;

The Cognoscible Whereabouts of Fawcett :  the legendary story of the British explorer who disappeared into the Amazon rainforest in 1925 is retold from a vision that distorts the mystique surrounding the case to arrive at an answer to the riddle;

Animals : the view of a condemned to death on the degradation of humankind based on the impressions caused by the insects and worms that he sees are infesting his saddle

To the Gods Manes : deceased in the century. II d. a., an ex praetorian soldier summarizes his life from the epitaph that the wife writes to him;

Viriato's Dream : when contemplating the sea for the first time, Viriato tries to intuit his ancestry until he begins to find evidence of who they were, where and what happened to their immediate ancestors;

The Insightful Gods : recreates the case of a man enslaved as a zombie and his journey from the violation of his supposed grave to the day he manages to recover alone his reason and his freedom;

Between Fados and Tombs : a man and his wife see the course of their lives being engulfed by political developments that announce an unknown battle during the process of Proclamation of the Republic in Brazil.

The Intruder : a seductive woman enters a family through a marriage, when a neighboring fortune teller predicts the plot of her perfidy, but no one can stop her from taking possession of everything, including consuming her last and fatal objective.

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