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Welcome to Marwen


USA, 2019  

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis  

Screenplay: Caroline Thopson and Robert Zemeckis  

Cast: Steve Carell, Leslie Mann, Diane Kruger
Prod: Cherylanne Martin, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey and R. Zemeckis

Original Title: Welcome to Marwen
Duration: 116 min 

Fabulous and, as far as you can, no fuss

By Ricardo P Nunes

  There is a particular microcosm that everyone has played with at one time, at least in childhood dreams, at least whoever has given free rein to the imagination. Around the demiurgic infantile ego revolves this ephemeral miniature world, made, without knowing it, in its image and likeness. In Welcome to Marwen , by director  Robert Zemeckis (from Forrest Gump and Castaway ), however, the little toy world doesn't dissipate when reality calls, but, on the contrary, is the very craft of the character played by Steve Carell, Mark Hogancamp, the man's real-life name which inspired the documentary on which Zemeckis' film Marwencol (Open Face, 2010) was based, an account of the life of the artist and photographer who lost his memory and some motor skills when he came out of the coma he was in after being brutally beaten on the way out. from a bar in New York.


Zemeckis: visual effects not only to expand, but also to deepen

  The imaginary Marwen of the film is set in Belgium in the 1940s, which historically was where the Nazis launched their offensive against Europe in World War II. As Mark's earliest memory is flashes of the atrocious night, life in the model would not only be a refuge, but the recreation of a hostile world whose salvation depends on the success of a war hero, Captain Hogancamp , his avatar, because Mark sees the same motivation in Nazi aggression as the men who almost killed him on the way out of the club. In the battles of his inventive fantasy, he can count on the well-armed platoon formed by the women who rescued him, who showed solidarity in the rehabilitation clinic and on a daily basis. Two of the inhabitants of these daydreams will embody their drama beyond the quills of the village of Marwen; one of them seems to symbolize the paralyzing sequelae of trauma; the other, the redemption of hope in reciprocated love. The clash between these two muses constitute the psychological thread of the action-packed plot adorned by exquisitely detailed and enchanting visual effects.


imagination lens

  Zemeckis' film touches on expensive themes and its more personal dimensions, but even within the toy plot that is being created, he avoids the appeals of the corny. At one point, one of the characters sighs when she hears a summary of the plot that the puppets play in the village set up in Mark's backyard: “I liked it... but it's kind of violent”. Welcome to Marwen deals with these two opposites of life, and brilliantly. 

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